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> On 2010-06-19 Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at> wrote:
> > Sorry, the wording there isn't entirely accurate. In this case,
> > "exposed to applications" refers to symbols. As in, Evas does not use
> > Eina in such a way that it would require me to explicitly link my app
> > to Eina. In fact, there's probably no reason to use Requires for a C
> > library unless you just want to force people to link to your required
> > libraries.
> Hello,
> Unless the author makes it a documented feature that includes <Eina.h>
> makes Evas.h headers and functions available and useable.
we only use pointers to hidden structure of eina

> > Please read the next section of the guide. It explains this pretty
> explicitly.
> ><>
> A thing to keep in mind is that if the Eina ABI is incompatibly
> change and gets a soname bump (e.g. size of a public struct is
> changed), Evas needs to get a soname bump too, since it also exported
> the struct. But that is not a pkg-config thing.
> See e.g.
> friends

Well, we take a lot of care about API and ABI. API or ABI break will only
occur after a change of the major version.

So, I think that eina-0 will be in Requires.private. It seems the correct

thank you both for your answers

Vincent Torri
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