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Johannes Schmid jhs at jsschmid.de
Sun May 9 03:00:03 PDT 2010


I updated the patch to actually work and in addition avoid the


Am Sonntag, den 09.05.2010, 10:16 +0200 schrieb Tollef Fog Heen:
> ]] Johannes Schmid 
> | And the recently discussed --print-requires/--print-provides would be
> | great, too (
> | http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/rpms/pkgconfig/devel/pkgconfig-0.15.0-reqprov.patch?view=markup)
> The patch in Fedora CVS seems to not enable requires or
> requires.private, making --print-requires useless.  Is this intentional?
> :-)  After fixing this, it still seems to print duplicates:
> > PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR=`pwd`/check ./pkg-config --errors-to-stdout --print-errors --print-requires requires-test                        
> public-dep
> private-dep
> public-dep
> If people are going to rely on this output, I'd somewhat want it to be
> --print-requires that just prints Requires and --print-requires-private
> that prints the private variant.  Input appreciated on this, as I'm not
> the one who'll be consuming the information.
> Also, if I could have some documentation for the feature, that'd be
> appreciated.

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