pkg-config 0.22 does not deal correctly with embedded blanks in directory names (fwd)

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Sun May 9 08:20:57 PDT 2010

Hi Tollef:

If the patch you referred to below did not get into 0.23, please make
sure it gets into 0.24.

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]] "Alan W. Irwin"

| I am a Linux developer, but I feel dealing with embedded blanks in directory
| names is an important issue.  Thus, I am still hoping for a reply from
| you about an embedded blanks issue I found in pkg-config.
| (1) To take a specific example, for
| Libs: -L/home/software/plplot svn/installcmake/lib
| is there a current way (quotes or escapes or something else?)
| to force the correct output result from -libs (i.e.,
| -L/home/software/plplot svn/installcmake/lib
| rather than the incorrect result that is actually obtained,
| svn/installcmake/lib -L/home/software/plplot

Not currently.  There's a patch in bugzilla which I need to take a look
at.  I'm thinking that it should allow normal single and double quotes
as well as allowing \ to be used to escape spaces that should not be

Tollef Fog Heen
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