Upcoming 0.24

Johannes Schmid jhs at jsschmid.de
Sun May 9 11:47:22 PDT 2010


> Not your fault, but could you fix the indentation for this patch? There
> should be two spaces for the first indent to match the rest of the file.
> Also, could you squash the second patch in?
> Seems good to me otherwise, though Tollef's question about whether
> --print-requires-private is still open. The other way would be to handle
> it with --static.

Sure, I will update it. But I would like to know if we want a
--print-requires-private or not first. Actually, for my use-case we are
only interested in --cflags-only-I of those packages anyway so the
private requires aren't of real interest but wouldn't harm.

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