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Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at err.no
Mon May 10 11:06:40 PDT 2010

]] Johannes Schmid 

| OK, here you are. First patch adds the option, second the manual page
| entry (OK, documentation is fairly minimal...).

Thanks, committed (after a few stylistic fixups; we're not afraid of
long variable names.)

| Regarding the coding style, I would definitly prefer the BSD-Style but
| that's up to you. Indentation with spaces vs. tabs is broken at some
| places in main.c anyway. Probably you should run indent on it once.

Yes, I'll flip a coin about BSD vs Linux kernel, I think.  Or just run
indent and pick the one I like.

| Some personal comment: I think a src/ folder would make the package less
| cluttered ;)

I don't really mind that much either way, I'm quite ok with the way it's

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