pkg-config 0.24

Brian Cameron brian.cameron at
Mon May 24 19:21:45 PDT 2010

pkg-config team:

I notice that pkg-config 0.24 contains a COPYING file that says the
license is now GPLv3.  Version 0.23 was GPLv2.

Was this change intentional?  It may not have been since I know
that automake will generate a GPLv3 COPYING file by default if one
does not exist in the module already.  So, depending on which
version of automake you use, you can end up with different licenses
if the COPYING file is generated.

If the license change was intentional, why didn't the release notes or
the NEWS file indicate that this change was intentional.  I'd think a
license change would be worthy of some mention.

Also, the pkg-config website still seems to say GPLv2.

If the change wasn't intentional can a new version of pkg-config be
spun with the correct license information?


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