pkg-config and glib2

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Fri Feb 18 08:42:56 PST 2011

2011/2/18 Javier Jardón <jjardon at>:
> Hi,
> some time ago there were some discussions about using glib2 instead
> glib1.2 and popt.
> There is already a branch with almost all the work done [1]
> It's planned to merge this work soon?
> Regards,
> [1]

To me it's a no-brainer. We discussed whether to bundle glib2 in the
source and didn't really come to a conclusion. I personally feel like
we should take this minor maintenance burden to allow other packages
to use pkg-config without worrying about dependencies. Unfortunately,
the conversation fell off into whether pkg-config should be using glib
API at all. I don't think the people actually maintaining pkg-config
would want to drop glib usage, though.


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