pkg-config v0.26 released

LRN lrn1986 at
Mon May 16 08:09:59 PDT 2011

On 16.05.2011 18:31, James McKenzie wrote:
> On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 8:58 PM, Tollef Fog Heen<tfheen at>  wrote:
>> ]] "Daniel Macks"
>> | Well sure, if you want a glib/gio that has no dbus support, something
>> | that until today would automatically be built, and with a certain pcre
>> | model that user might not want.
>> Yes, and I think that's fine for bootstrapping.
> However, if I want to build pkg-config without building glib2 (like on
> my Mac for instance) why should I be forced to build glib2?  Again,
> all I require is a CLI version of pkg-config and that is what I SHOULD
> BE ABLE TO GET.  Got the picture?
You are forced to build glib2 because pkg-config DEPENDS ON GLIB. Got 
the picture?
It's not some half-assed dependency that just crept up in configure 
script. pkg-config USES FUNCTIONS from glib. And TYPES from glib. 9000 
of them.
It had an old outdated glib1.x in the source tree to satisfy that 
dependency, but that glib1.x got out of shape. For example, it didn't 
have any of the new Windows-related code required to build sane 
pkg-config for Windows.
I took that glib 1.x and updated it with parts that i had to _cut_ from 
current glib 2.x. It worked, but it wasn't nice. And i can understand 
why Tollef does not want to support that.

As a workaround you could try to dig up an old glib1.x (which is the 
same thing that had been in pkg-config source tree prior to 0.26), build 
it (which is what pkg-config makefiles did for you prior to 0.26) and 
link against it statically (which is what pkg-config configure and 
makefiles did for you prior to 0.26) without installing it (you might 
have to patch 0.26 to be compatible with glib1.x, i do not know whether 
it bumped the version requirement or not). Or you can just install glib2 
that you're probably going to get for something else anyway.

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