pkg-config v0.26 released

Stuart Ambler sambler at
Sun Sep 18 17:07:47 PDT 2011

This has consequences, ramifications.  
I built gcc and want to run the tests.
Their build wanted guile, and guile wanted 
pkg-config, and pkg-config wants glib.
Before this, I didn't have glib on this computer
 and never would if pkg-config didn't want it.
I just built it and now will try to figure out 
how to let pkg-config know it's there, but it's off
by itself somewhere, and I have no idea yet 
what the "correct" values are for the GLIB
(environment?) variables the pkg-config 
configure error message refers to.

So, I can't test the compiler without building 
something intended for a desktop GUI?
As a long term solution, the current setup seems bad.
  Even if pkg-config uses many
things from glib (I doubt 9000 directly, that must 
include everything called by everything
used for some levels), it's still not a good solution.
  At some point the use of glib should be
replaced.  A GUI or what seems to be intimately 
associated with one shouldn't get pulled
into things that are command line tools, that's a
 bad philosophy, or at least one inconsistent
with unix tradition.

p.s.  Regarding this message submit page message 
"The following errors were found.
Fix them, and submit again: You have lines longer 
than 80 characters. Fix that."
give the user a smaller box so that he won't have to 
manually adjust line lengths.

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