pkg-config v0.26 released

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at
Sun Sep 25 19:56:36 PDT 2011

On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 11:08:03 -0400
Matthias Clasen <mclasen at> wrote:

> On Mon, 2011-09-19 at 00:07 +0000, Stuart Ambler wrote:
> >   At some point the use of glib should be
> > replaced.  A GUI or what seems to be intimately 
> > associated with one shouldn't get pulled
> > into things that are command line tools, that's a
> >  bad philosophy, or at least one inconsistent
> > with unix tradition.
> glib is not 'intimately associated a GUI'.
> I can understand objecting to circular dependencies, but this argument
> is silly.

Speaking of the circular dependencies issue...

After seeing the announcement for pkg-config 0.26, I submitted a
send-pr to the FreeBSD ports collection that a new version was
available.  I was informed that any action on this had to be deferred
(indefinitely) due to the fact that pkg-config needed glib to build,
but glib needed pkg-config to build(!).

From the ensuing messages in this thread, I can't see what the current
status is re: this issue.  Are there plans afoot to rewrite pkg-config
to eliminate its dependence on glib?  Does anyone have any clear info
on what's going on with this?

Thank you.

Conrad J. Sabatier
conrads at

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