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Mon Apr 2 12:49:04 PDT 2012

]] Dan Nicholson 

> If pkg-config removed it's dependency on glib, why would the glib
> developers need to be convinced of anything? I don't think anyone is
> suggesting that glib should suddenly change to a much slimmer library.
> There are plenty of programs that make use of glib's feature set. The
> point here is that pkg-config does not use that full feature set and
> might be better served with another convenience library.

Yes, we use a tiny, tiny bit of glib and so depending on it might not be
the best idea.

> I personally think that as long as the bootstrapping issue can be
> avoided that pkg-config does not suffer using glib. It will be
> installed and already in memory on the vast majority of systems where
> pkg-config is used.

I'm not particularly concerned about resource usage for pkg-config. It's
a development tool and development environments tend to not be tight
when it comes to memory, CPU, disk, etc.

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