pkg-config 0.27.1

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Fri Aug 24 06:10:22 PDT 2012

Here's pkg-config-0.27.1 for release. This simply fixes bugs and
regressions introduced in pkg-config-0.27. There are no interface or
behavior changes here.

pkg-config 0.27.1

 - Various fixes for using the internal glib snapshot. It should now be
   usable pretty much everywhere with the exception that universal
   builds are not supported on OS X.
 - Remove usage of gettext from the internal glib to avoid gettext and
   libintl dependencies.
 - Update internal glib snapshot to 2.32.4.
 - Fix check for POSIX shell used in tests to work better.
 - Handle spaces in autodetected prefix on Windows.
 - Bugs fixed 3550, 51883, 52031, 53493.

The tagged git repo and tarball can be found here:
git tag: pkg-config-0.27.1
MD5: 5392b4e3372879c5bf856173b418d6a2
SHA1: 08249417a51c0a7a940e4276105b142b77e576b5
SHA256: 4f63d0df3035101b12949250da5231af49e3c3afcd8fb18554fa7c3cb92d8c17

Here's the shortlog of changes since version 0.27.

Dan Nicholson (16):
      glib: Don't install m4 macros
      glib: Remove check for tracing support
      Document failure to build internal glib as OS X universal binary
      Ignore Windows executables
      glib: Don't install charset.alias file
      glib: Ensure only static build is performed
      Ignore generated config.cache files
      Ignore patch backup files
      glib: Remove usage of gettext/libintl/iconv
      glib: Fix static usage of glib on win32
      Exit on errors for check-missing like others
      Handle POSIX shell for tests in configure and Makefile
      Specify pkg-config to test with from make
      glib: Really force static only building
      glib: Update snapshot to 2.32.4
      Discourage repeated usage of VARIABLE-PREFIX in PKG_CHECK_MODULES

John Stumpo (1):
      Escape spaces in autodetected ${prefix} values on Windows
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