Find a package, but not process it

lin q linq936 at
Thu Aug 30 14:39:20 PDT 2012


I just installed a software called quikfix on my Linux system, since I
do not have root access, I installed it outside normal root
directories like /usr. I set PKG_CONFIG_PATH pointing to the directory
having .pc file in it. But when I run pkgconfig, it says the package
is not recognized. I then run it with --debug  --list-all, I found
that pkgconfig does find the package since I see the following:

Scanning directory '/tools/quickfix/quickfix-1.13.3/lib/pkgconfig'
Ignoring file '..' in search directory; not a .pc file
File 'quickfix.pc' appears to be a .pc file
Will find package 'quickfix' in file

But that is all I can see the mentioning of quickfix, seems to me, if
everything is right, later on there should be printout indicating the
.pc file is being parsed, but I do not see that.

What could be the problem? pkgconfig does report error, some other
software has requirement of a library called qt-mt, but pkgcofig
cannot find it. Is that the case pkgconfig stops running whenever
there is error? If so, is there a workaround? I cannot change anything
on other software.


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