Suggestion: Load specified .pc file / .pc parser

Kevin Ingwersen ingwie2000 at
Mon Dec 16 16:03:06 PST 2013

The software itself is bundled within an application bundle. The usual stuff is instaleld into /usr/local. However, some packages may be silly (not the ones that i’d do) and install under /opt. pkg-config wouldn’t know about that path at all. Of course, I could copy it myself with a pseudo „post-install“ script. I’d however still like to be able to query a pc file from anywhere. If the pc file is within a source tree, then it could be used from there in order to gather some information for building.
Am 17.12.2013 um 00:45 schrieb Peter Johansson <trojkan at>:

> On 12/17/2013 09:50 AM, Kevin Ingwersen wrote:
>> Hello there!
>> I am currently working on a package manager myself and I would like to implement pkg-config, as it is commonly used to store information about packages - so why not take advantage of that.
>> The problem is, that I will not know where the user installed the application itself,
> I'm probably missing something, but if you are the package manager you know exactly where all applications have been installed because the package manager installed them. If the user has installed something on their own, they are on their own.
> Peter

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