how should .pc files be configured for "static only" builds?

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Wed May 21 09:53:09 PDT 2014

]] Roger Pack 

> It's come to my attention the following conundrum:
> in my own words, it seems impossible to know if, when calling
> pkg-config, the library was compiled statically or dynamically" (so
> you don't know whether to call pkg-config --static or not).
> Has there been any improvement/progress on this as of late?

Don't compile stuff statically. If you really must do something in that
vein, compile it dynamically with rpath pointing to a private
directory and ship that directory.

--static is a bit misnamed and I wish I'd chosen a better name at theb
time.  Something like --show-private or something in that direction.

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