pkg-config 0.29

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Mon Sep 28 09:14:36 PDT 2015

pkg-config-0.29 has been released and is available for download. Mostly
these are bug fixes, but there are a couple of new minor features. See
the details from the NEWS entry below. Please let me know if you find
any issues with this release.

The tagged git repo and tarball can be found here:
Tag: pkg-config-0.29
MD5: 77f27dce7ef88d0634d0d6f90e03a77f
SHA1: f4b19d203b3896a4293af4b62c7f908063c88a5a
SHA256: c8507705d2a10c67f385d66ca2aae31e81770cc0734b4191eb8c489e864a006b

The git tag and tarball have been signed with my PGP key, C7EC6914. The
fingerprint is 6B99 CE97 F17F 48C2 7F72 2D71 023A 4420 C7EC 6914. The
key can be dowloaded from or from


- Fixed a regression from 0.28 in system -L flag handling. If the pc
  file has multiple system -L flags, every other flag will be left as
  is. Thanks to Andrew Oakley for the fix. (#78077)
- Quoting of variables queried through --variable is removed so that the
  output can be used verbatim in subsequent shell commands. Thanks to
  Marek Kasik for the fix. (#67904)
- Fixed a regression from 0.28 in -L flag handling on Windows. A .libs
  suffix was inadvertantly being added to the library path.
- Added a --validate option to check pc file syntax. This works just
  like --exists, but package dependencies are disabled. (#7000)
- Added the PKG_PREREQ autoconf macro. Whereas PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG is
  used to check the version of the pkg-config tool, this is used to
  check the version of the pkg-config autoconf macros in use.
- Added the PKG_CHECK_MODULES_STATIC autoconf macro. This will
  temporarily add --static to the pkg-config calls while invoking
- Many fixes to the testsuite for Windows. It should now pass for a
  MinGW, Cygwin, and cross-compiled MinGW using Wine for test execution.
- More consistent handling of prefix redefinition. On Windows, the
  prefix was always being redefined based on the pc file path. This
  feature can now be enabled or disabled at runtime on all platforms
  using the --define-prefix and --dont-define-prefix options. (#63602)
- Continue listing packages with --list-all even if there are errors in
  pc files. (#26615)
- Various documentation improvements. (#62018, #62374, #66155)
- Fixed a bug when multiple -isystem arguments are used. (#72584)
- pkg-config is now built with largefile support to ensure that it works
  correctly on filesystems with 64 bit inodes. Thanks to Peter Jones for
  the fix. (#90078)
- Bugs fixed: 7000, 19541, 26615, 62018, 62374, 63602, 66155, 66939,
  67904, 70690, 72584, 78077, 80378, 80380, 89267, 90078, 90437, 92002.

Git shortlog since version 0.28:

Andrew Oakley (1):
      Strip system library directories reliably

Dan Nicholson (52):
      Remove duplicate LIBRARIES in manual
      Check $host rather than $build when deciding native Win32
      Adjust expected path for native Windows test
      Flush stderr when not immediately exiting
      Mangle expected sysroot output to match MSYS shell
      Adjust PKG_CONFIG_PATH for tests correctly on Windows
      Substitute TESTS_PKG_CONFIG from configure
      Check for Wine when cross-compiling to Windows
      Run cmd through Wine when available
      Fix regression in -L mangling for MSVC
      Document search path construction on Windows
      check: Make check-tilde executable like all other test scripts
      Fix default path in PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR description
      Allow more control of redefined prefix behavior
      Allow Windows prefix redefinition in any pkgconfig directory
      Store the original prefix value in the package
      Remove compat definition of G_IS_DIR_SEPARATOR
      Make the --define-prefix feature available on all platforms
      Document all pkg-config derived metadata variables
      check: Define all useful build directories in
      check: Test relocatable features
      Split rpmvercmp code into separate file
      rpmvercmp: Formatting & comment updates to reduce upstream diff
      rpmvercmp: Return -1/0/1 as function says it will
      rpmvercmp: Use helper macros to match upstream code better
      Silence errors by default with --list-all
      Allow errors in .pc files for --list-all
      Add static linking variant of PKG_CHECK_MODULES
      Avoid const warning on Win32
      check: Make relocatable script executable
      check: Convert paths to Windows format when using --define-prefix
      Strip trailing space from --cflags/--libs output
      check: Rework dirafter test to handle all special cases
      Ensure -isystem Cflags not compressed like -I
      Don't used C reserved identifiers
      glib: Update snapshot version to 2.38.2
      glib: Fix Makefiles to suppress warnings from automake
      Update overlinking URL in guide
      Ensure usage of serial test driver in automake
      Add --validate option to check .pc syntax without dependencies
      Handle pcfiledir variable like normal variable
      check: Test that the pcfiledir variable is output correctly
      Quote pc_path virtual variable
      Sort --print-variables output
      Fix relocatable test in wine
      build: Force linking of host tool
      m4: Process pkg.m4 through AC_CONFIG_FILES
      m4: Add PKG_PREREQ version checking macro
      m4: Update serial to 11
      m4: Add Since releases and cleanup comments
      m4: Change all comment markers to dnl
      Update to 0.29

Daniel Macks (2):
      Bump scanned_dir_count even if dir cannot be read
      Use same token for malloc as for string construction

Marek Kasik (1):
      Unquote values of requested variables

Matthias Clasen (1):
      Add missing options to manual

Peter Jones (1):
      Enable large file support
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