pkg-config 0.29.1

Dan Nicholson nicholson at
Fri Mar 4 14:37:43 UTC 2016

pkg-config-0.29.1 has been released and is available for download. A
couple regressions in 0.29 have been fixed, but there's also one new
feature available. See the details from the NEWS entry below. Please let
me know if you find any issues with this release.

The tagged git repo and tarball can be found here:
Tag: pkg-config-0.29.1
MD5: f739a28cae4e0ca291f82d1d41ef107d
SHA1: 271ce928f6d673cc16cbced2bfd14a5f2e5d3d3763c88a5a
SHA256: beb43c9e064555469bd4390dcfd8030b1536e0aa103f08d7abf7ae8cac0cb001

The git tag and tarball have been signed with my PGP key, C7EC6914. The
fingerprint is 6B99 CE97 F17F 48C2 7F72 2D71 023A 4420 C7EC 6914. The
key can be dowloaded from or from


- Fixed a regression from 0.29 with unquoting values queried with
  --variable. In some cases, this would cause shell special characters 
  to be escaped in ways they weren't before. Instead, the unquoting only
  occurs if the value appears to be quoted. (#93284)
- Add support for building pkg-config with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  Thanks to Chun-wei Fan for the fix. (#92489)
- Allow overriding pkg-config variables with environment variables. By
  setting an environment variable of the form
  PKG_CONFIG_$PACKAGE_$VARIABLE, a pkg-config variable can be set
  globally without always having to pass --define-variable. Thanks to
  Alex Larsson for the fix. (#90917)
- Honor -Wl,-framework in addition to -framework so that multiple
  frameworks are handled on OSX. (#1278)
- Fix the OSX build using --with-internal-glib. Thanks to Rudá Moura for
  the initial fix and Adam Mercer for testing the final patch. (#92902)

Git shortlog since version 0.29:

Alexander Larsson (2):
      Pass key into parse_package_key so it can be set early
      Allow overriding package variables with env vars

Chun-wei Fan (5):
      pkg.c: Port from dirent to GDir
      build: Split Out Source Listing
      build: Add a pre-configure config.h template for MSVC builds
      build: Add NMake makefiles for Visual Studio builds
      README.win32: Add info on building with MSVC

Dan Nicholson (7):
      Also match -Wl,-framework for OSX framework
      Revert "Unquote values of requested variables"
      Only unquote --variable when it appears quoted
      check: More thoroughly test variable usage
      Revert "Quote pc_path virtual variable"
      glib: Fix OSX build with internal glib
      Update to 0.29.1
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