pkg-config 0.29.2

Dan Nicholson nicholson at
Mon Mar 20 17:31:34 UTC 2017

pkg-config-0.29.2 has been released and is available for download. There
are mostly bug fixes included with 2 helpful optimizations. See the
details from the NEWS entry below. Please let me know if you find any
issues with this release.

The tagged git repo and tarball can be found here:
Tag: pkg-config-0.29.2
SHA1: 76e501663b29cb7580245720edfb6106164fad2b2e5d3d3763c88a5a
SHA256: 6fc69c01688c9458a57eb9a1664c9aba372ccda420a02bf4429fe610e7e7d591

The git tag and tarball have been signed with my PGP key, C7EC6914. The
fingerprint is 6B99 CE97 F17F 48C2 7F72 2D71 023A 4420 C7EC 6914. The
key can be dowloaded from or from


- Improved pkg-config's recursive package list expansion performance.
  Thanks to Matthew Hanna for the fix.
- Handle an empty prefix setting correctly when --define-prefix is used.
- Lazily load pc files instead of reading all available pc files during
  initialization. Thanks to Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita for the fix.
- Check the CPATH environment variable when determining system include
  paths like GCC does. Document the system search path behavior. Thanks
  to v4hn for the fix. (#99224)
- Make PKG_CHECK_MODULES show the module list rather than the variable
  prefix in configure output. Thanks to Russ Albery for the fix.
- Fix bundled glib build with GCC 6. (#98334)
- Handle -isystem and -idirafter when PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR is set.
- Check the INCLUDE environment variable when determining system include
  paths on Windows builds when --msvc-syntax is used. (#94729)

Git shortlog since version 0.29.1:

Dan Nicholson (15):
      Remove unused package_list_strip_duplicates
      Don't override empty prefix setting
      man: Document system search path environment variables
      man: Put valid make syntax in the example
      man: Fix PKG_CHECK_EXISTS comment about PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG
      man: Document PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG conditional issue there
      glib: Fix bundled build with GCC 6
      check: Add more flags to the special-flags test
      check: Include special-flags in sysroot test
      Respect sysroot for -isystem and -idirafter
      Ignore automake's compile wrapper
      check: Add test for system flags pruning
      pkg: Check INCLUDE environment variable for MSVC
      pkg.m4: Bump the serial number for release
      Update to 0.29.2

Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita (1):
      Optimization to load only needed .pc files

Matan Nassau (1):
      autogen: consider configure error

Matthew Hanna (1):
      Improve performance of package list expansion

Peter Eisentraut (1):
      m4: Fix indentation

Ross Burton (1): use correct comments for aclocal serial

Russ Allbery (1):
      Make PKG_CHECK_MODULES report the module name instead of the
variable prefix

v4hn (1):
      pkg: Include CPATH in header search path
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