Keyboard input / init + questions

Ray Strode halfline at
Sun Sep 26 13:29:14 PDT 2010


On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 3:40 PM, Jerome Martin <tramjoe.merin at> wrote:

> 1) I upgraded to git version, still no luck with the keyboard messup with
> init (from sysvinit debian squeeze) when it starts the rc2.d after rcS
> execution.
Can you post a log booted with plymouth:debug ?

> And the patches themselves in attached file...
Most of these changes are script specific, so I'll leave this stuff
for Charlie to respond to.

> the current git version certainly deserves a
> proper release and some documentation though ...
Right, I was going to do some logging changes before doing a 0.8.4
release, but maybe i'll do those changes after the release.

Documentation is something very much lacking in plymouth.  I want to
rectify that before 1.0.

> 5) As a sidenote, I did a quick debian packaging of the git version, but had
> to adapt a bit the debian package rules from squeeze because it assumed that
> plymouth original sources already had autoconf ran there, when those that I
> downloaded had an script ... This is weird, and it is either an
> unclean package in debian OR the fact that you released last time with
> already ran. Is that the case ?
the autogoo model is a little weird here.  The version of the source
in the tarball contains generated files that aren't checked into
version control.  When making a release, I do

"make distcheck"

which creates the tarball and adds the generated files to the tarball.
 If you're just building a snapshot you can do:

"make dist"

which does the same thing but skips a bunch of checks and a test
compile that take a lot of time.


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