[Pm-utils] Re: Better integration with power management scripts

Nigel Cunningham ncunningham at cyclades.com
Thu Apr 27 14:58:11 PDT 2006


On Friday 28 April 2006 07:34, Holger Macht wrote:
> On Thu 27. Apr - 22:23:13, Richard Hughes wrote:
> > On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 17:15 -0400, David Zeuthen wrote:
> > > hughsie, pjones, mjg59: Are you guys opposed to having a notifier
> > > interface?
> >
> > No, but i don't think it will ever be used. mjg59 was bang on when he
> > said that 99% of the time spent suspending is kernel side, and if
> > anything is going to go *boom* then it will be that.
> Not anymore. Since 2.6.17-rc1, where uswsusp came in, at least half is
> done in userspace.

That's not right.

The real work, where things would go boom, is still done in the kernel (the 
atomic copy, bulk of the image preparation and writing the pages so on). The 
userspace program just contains the controlling logic and some code to 
possibly compress and/or encrypt the pages before handing them back to the 


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