[Pm-utils] on_ac_power is broken

Stefan Seyfried seife at suse.de
Mon Dec 4 01:22:06 PST 2006


even something as simple as on_ac_power can be broken :-)
This is the bug report i got for it (interesting part starts from comment#10):

Basically the logic right now is:
- check all present ac adapters.
  - If any is "online", => exit 0, "on AC power!"
- if no ac adapter was present or online, check if there is any battery.
  - if there is a battery => exit 1, "not on AC power!"
- it there is no AC adapter and no battery:
  => assume ac, exit 0

The problem is, that on a desktop, there can be no AC adapter (the power
supply is not exposed via ACPI for example), but a battery, for example
the battery in the wireless mouse :-)

Instead of checking for the exact battery type and add even more dbus calls
to HAL with all their overhead, i decided to just skip the battery test:

- if there are no AC adapters at all:
  => assume "on AC power", since this is probably a desktop.
     exit 0
- check all ac adapters:
  - if any is "online", => exit 0, "on AC power"
- exit 1, no ac adapter was online => on battery.

The only thing i can remember where i could be wrong here is if there are
machines where the AC adapter "appears" once you plug it in, and disappears
once you unplug it. I have not yet seen such a machine yet (both ACPI and
APM always have the adapter, but it is either "online" or "offline").
I have no idea how this is handled on power pcs or handheld devices, so
somebody else has to try it there.

--- src/on_ac_power
+++ src/on_ac_power
@@ -29,13 +29,17 @@
 # Check for AC/DC/etc adapters
-for device in $(hal-find-by-capability --capability ac_adapter) ; do
+ac_adapters=$(hal-find-by-capability --capability ac_adapter)
+# If there are no ac_adapters, it is most likely a desktop.
+# assume online
+[ -z "$ac_adapters" ] && exit 0
+# Check if all $ac_adapters are not present
+for device in $ac_adapters ; do
 	present=$(hal-get-property --udi $device --key ac_adapter.present)
 	[ "$present" == "true" ] && exit 0
-# If there are no ac_adapters, check for batteries.
-hal-find-by-capability --capability battery >/dev/null 2>&1 && exit 1
-# If there are no batteries assume AC.
-exit 0
+# If none of them were present, ret will be 1, signalling "not on AC power"
+exit 1
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