[Pm-utils] Video adapter resuming

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 15:14:39 PST 2006

(first, sorry for the cross posting, but I think I need to...)

I guess we still want video adapter blacklisting in HAL for identifying
stuff like vbe restore and s3mode. I think we came to the consensus that
we should specify arguments to pm-suspend to add the options into the
hal script. I've attached an example - I've got about 10 other vendors
worth of data converted from the suspend DMI array-list, and Fujitsu is
a good example. Using the suspend data gives us a good kick-start for
lots and lots of laptops.

So, if I've got all this right we need to do:

1. merge the 20-video-adpater-pm-[vendor].fdi files to hal-info
2. change hal-system-video-suspend and hal-system-video-resume to take
the hal properties and form them as command line arguments to pm-suspend
and pm-hibernate
3. add functionality to pm-* to parse the command line data and push the
data into environment variables for the 20video hook.

How does that sound?


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