[Pm-utils] [PATCH] userspace suspend (s2disk/s2ram) support

Stefan Seyfried seife at suse.de
Tue Oct 31 10:45:11 PST 2006

On Tue, Oct 31, 2006 at 06:09:01PM +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:
> > Maybe we can even get gnome-power-manager and kpowersave or whatever
> > to look if there is a $INHIBIT file after a suspend attempt and
> > present its content to the user? But that is something for "later",
> > and maybe there are better ways to communicate this error up the
> > caller chain. 
> Yes, I think for the gnome-power-manager use case it should go back up
> through HAL (which then gives a nice DBUS message) to g-p-m.

this would probably fit kpowersave (or any other desktop applet that
wants to engage in power management) well, too.
> All hal-system-power-suspend has to do is check the return val of
> pm-suspend and cat an error file to stderr for HAL, or return true for
> success.

Ok, so we do not even need to take care of the "communicate it back through
HAL" step in pm-utils _now_ (we could later, but it will be easy to get
it working without much effort now), which is IMO great because it gives
us one less thing to worry about.

As you can probably guess, i am not too much into the HAL / dbus / IPC
stuff yet :-)
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