[Pm-utils] code available to solve sound-after-suspend problems

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Sat Feb 24 20:27:05 PST 2007

Since some sound modules can't survive suspend, it's necessary to unload
them and reload them. However, some of them won't "let go" as long as
something is talking to the sound card.

For this case, Mandriva has had a solution for the last few years that
has worked reasonable well: They kill all the programs that are talking
to the sound card and restart them. (It's an option, not the default

It makes sense to me to offer to the same option through pm-utils, for
people would like to make this trade-off. (Personally, it has worked
well for me).

Mandriva' GPL code for this available here, and it should be trivial to
port to pm-utils, it seems:


Also see my related bug report and patch here:

It fixes "resume" for exaile other music players written in interpreted


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