[Pm-utils] Move pm/functions and hooks to /usr/lib or /usr/share

Stefan Seyfried seife at suse.de
Fri Mar 9 07:53:48 PST 2007


[i agree with everything in this thread to which i did not
 explicitly object] :-)

On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 12:37:13AM +0100, Holger Macht wrote:
> On Tue 06. Mar - 00:21:56, Michael Biebl wrote:
> > The problem about the hooks is, that they are activated/deactivated
> > via the x-bit. It would be a bit odd to have to change the x bit of a
> > file in /usr/lib/pm.
> > 
> > Maybe using symlinks would be a better idea anyway, similar to /etc/init.d
> I think this sounds reasonable. Something like a symlink from
> /etc/pm/hooks to /usr/lib/pm/hooks or the like?

no, more like:

/etc/pm/{hooks,sleep.d}/ having links
01foo -> /usr/lib/pm/hooks/foo
05bar -> /usr/lib/pm/hooks/bar
99baz -> /usr/lib/pm/hooks/baz

So you add a link -> enable the hook
rm the link -> disable the hook

It is even more intuitive than the "set the x bit to enable, remove it to
disable" IMO.
The cream topping will be if somebody writes a "chkconfig" style hook-enable-
and-reorder-tool :-)
Stefan Seyfried

"Any ideas, John?"
"Well, surrounding them's out." 

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