[Pm-utils] [PATCH] use service unconditionally

S.Çağlar Onur caglar at pardus.org.tr
Sat Mar 10 06:49:04 PST 2007

10 Mar 2007 Cts tarihinde, Tim Dijkstra şunları yazmıştı: 
> > I agree with this.
> > IIRC "service" is also mandated by LSB.
> It is not.

Ok, instead of talking about if "service" is a LSB thing or not i think we 
should make a _decision_ about what _we_ should do. So;

* Get rid of /etc/init.d/ existence check which i proposed,
* Get rid of "service" command usage and relay only /etc/init.d/ scripts which 
seems Tim Dijkstra wants,
* Introduce distro specific hooks/functions etc.
* Ignore all threads/patches/comments so distros/people can fork/alternate 
pm-utils which works just for them happily


S.Çağlar Onur <caglar at pardus.org.tr>

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