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Holger Macht hmacht at suse.de
Sun Mar 11 03:25:22 PDT 2007

CCing the pm-utils list for more input.


On Sun 11. Mar - 11:22:21, Holger Macht wrote:
> On Sun 11. Mar - 01:13:09, Tim Dijkstra wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Both suspend.sf.net and suspend2 have a notion of s2both. That is,
> > before suspending to ram, the state of the system is saved to disk just
> > like would happen for hibernate.
> > This has the obvious benefit of being able to resume in case you
> > deplete your batteries while you laptop is suspended.
> > 
> > I think it would really be useful to have the possibility to do that
> > instead of plain s2ram when one suspends. We can of course just make
> > use of the possibility in pm-utils when it is available, but I guess a
> > checkbox in g-p-m would be nice. For that to work we also need another
> > attribute in hal.
> > 
> > Comments?
> Yes, something like this would be nice, indeed. Thanks for bringing this
> up. But rather then a checkbox or the like, I think something more
> intelligent is suitable for gpm. For instance, when the system is already
> low on battery, like < 10%, and the user is about to do a suspend to ram,
> he should be warned that the system could run out of battery during
> sleep. In this case, one could automatically offer an option to do a
> suspend to both. These are implementation details for the higher level
> applications of course.
> Ok, what we already have is this:
>   power_management.can_hibernate = true  (bool)
>   power_management.can_suspend = true  (bool)
> These values are just a reflexion of what the kernel thinks, namely
> /sys/power/state. Another key like
>   power_management.can_suspend_to_both = true  (bool)
> would be needed. This key would come from userland though, so it can't be
> treated like the others. So what about pm-utils installing a fdi file
> containing the xml rule to add this key and to execute a script like the
> ones from hibernate and suspend (hal-system-power-hibernate, etc.). Would
> this be feasible?
> Regards,
> 	Holger
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