[Pm-utils] Move pm/functions and hooks to /usr/lib or /usr/share

Frank Seidel fseidel at suse.de
Mon Mar 12 04:20:01 PDT 2007

On Saturday 10 March 2007 20:41:39 Tim Dijkstra wrote:
> ...
> won't touch that. At execution time the contents of both directories
> will get merged and sorted. If there is a possibility somebody
> doesn't want a certain script to be started it will have to get a
> config option.
Merging directories on runtime seems like a possible additional source 
for conflicts and debugging-pain.
Also designing multiple ways for deactivation of hooks (disable 
execute-bit, config-options..) doesn't sound very nice to me.

On the other hand, Stefans proposal sounds like a very good KISS design. 
Giving admins an easy way to add additional hooks while they also can 
at once see all hooks and their order (via the links).

Have fun,
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