[Pm-utils] pm-utils 1.2.3 released

Victor Lowther victor.lowther at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 05:49:18 PST 2008

PM-Utils 1.2.3 has been released.

      * The 90clock hook no longer runs by default.  It added about 2
        seconds to the suspend/resume process, and all it did was try to
        keep the OS clock and the system clock in sync across a suspend
        or hibernate.  If your time drifts significantly or resets
        itself without this hook, email the pm-utils mailing list and
        consider talking to your hardware vendor -- you probably need a
        new nvram battery.
      * Removed 55battery, 50ntpd, and 65alsa hooks. They worked around
        problems which have been resolved for a couple of years now, or
        which should be worked around elsewhere to have the intended
        effect. See the NEWS file and/or the changelog for more info. 
      * pkg-config contains variables which point directly at the
        location to install hooks. 
      * We always set the ACPI S3 flags on suspend now. This fixes some
        instances where suspend works once and then fails. We ignore the
        parameter passed to the kernel -- please consider creating
        an .fdi file that covers your system and posting it to the
        pm-utils or HAL mailing list if you rely on the kernel flag. 
Victor Lowther
RHCE# 805008539634727
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