[Pm-utils] Pm-hibernate consumes battery

Explinux explinux at email.it
Thu Dec 11 02:03:52 PST 2008

I have a Macbook with Archlinux distro.
I usually Hibernate the machine, with pm-hibernate, when I am done
for the day. The battery is 100% because I usually
run plugged in.

When I restart in the morning, the battery is down to 95%!?!
The machine run the correct boot sequence ( grub and mkinitcpio ) and
it resume my previous session. The machine seems halted, but the
battery isn't plus full charged.

It's a bug? it's possible ?

I use Hibernate also with KDE4: same problem !!!
I know the difference between hibernation and suspension, but ...

Pm-Utils: 1.2.3



I don't have other config files.
Very thanks for your responses.


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