[Pm-utils] [RFC] [patch review] Hook independence and security fixups, part 1

Michael Biebl mbiebl at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 13:16:07 PST 2008

2008/2/3, Dan Nicholson <dbn.lists at gmail.com>:

> They can also "do the right thing" by adding 40 line patch to
> pm-utils. IMO, having an API is overkill, adding complexity and
> codepaths to a conceptually simple idea.

I have to agree here. We should just add the implementations for
userspace, kernel and tuxonice (and pmu) directly in pm-utils.
Everything else seems overkill and over-engineered to me.

Why is it that all of the instruments seeking intelligent life in the
universe are pointed away from Earth?

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