[Pm-utils] [PATCH 1/4] Even simpler modularization of sleep methods.

Victor Lowther victor.lowther at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 11:56:06 PST 2008

On Fri, Feb 08, 2008 at 10:03:12AM -0800, Dan Nicholson wrote:
> I had to look through this commit a couple times to see what exactly
> was going on. It seems like you moved the pm-is-supported
> functionality into check_* functions defined by the backends. That's
> nice. It would be great if you could explain that a bit in the commit
> message.

I will make a note of that for the future.
> <snip>
> > +EXTRA_DIST=$(module_SCRIPTS)
> The scripts don't need to be in EXTRA_DIST since automake knows
> they're needed for module_SCRIPTS.

Good catch, thanks.  I will fix that.
> > +       grep -q mem /sys/power/state; return $?
> `grep -q' is a GNU grepism. Just redirect to stdout to /dev/null. We
> do want to see stderr, though, to know if /sys/power/state doesn't
> exist.

-q is a GNUism?  It is defined in
> Also, the `return $?' is completely superfluous. The function will
> just return the exit code of the last command, which is $?.

I will fix this.

> > +       [ -f /sys/power/disk ] && grep -q disk /sys/power/state
> > +}
> `grep -q' again. Do we want to grep for "$HIBERNATE_MODE" in
> /sys/power/disk? Oh, I guess this is just a copy of what
> pm-is-supported was doing.

> --
> Dan

Victor Lowther
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