[Pm-utils] Patches to add uswsusp support to pm-utils on top of current sleep modules

Victor Lowther victor.lowther at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 17:38:02 PST 2008

This patch series adds basic uswsusp support to pm-utils.  
Things to take note of:
* We do not use s2ram for suspend, because its functionality is a duplicate
  of the functionality that we already provide.
* When trying suspend_hybrid, we bypass the video quirk running that s2both 
  would normally perform using the -f switch.  We have our own video quirk
  handling based on the HAL whitelists.
* s2disk does not perform any video quirk handling, so we don't have to perform
  any special overrides there.
* s2disk has its own configuration mechanism controlling the details of how
  the memory image gets written to disk -- we do not mess with it, nor should 
  we need to.

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