[Pm-utils] [RFC] Switch to git, opening up for external contributors

Michael Biebl mbiebl at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 08:19:58 PST 2008

Hi everyone!

pm-utils is becoming more and more important as hal is pushing for it
as preferred power management backend. A lot of distributions are
using hal/pm-utils nowadays but they have to carry around a lot of
distro specific patches. It's almost as every distro has an own "fork"
of pm-utils.
Unfortunately the acceptance of external patches has been very low.
Would it be possible to open up the project for external contributions?

As a first step, I'd propose to move to a more modern SCM, like git.
As a second step, to share the workload, more people should get commit
access, like the Mandriva, openSUSE and Debian maintainers, which have
posted a lot of patches during the last months.

The situation as it stands today is not acceptable imho. We are on the
way of diverging again and miss out a great opportunity to have a
common, working suspend infrastructure that works across

I'd be very interested in feedback.


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