[Pm-utils] [Patch] Add TuxOnIce support to pm-is-supported, v2.

Nigel Cunningham nigel at nigel.suspend2.net
Sun Jan 27 17:45:08 PST 2008


Victor Lowther wrote:
> I would hold of on implementing hybrid support for now -- the current
> sleep hook running infrastructure cannot tell whether a hybrid suspend
> is returning from suspend or hibernate, and therefore pm_main cannot
> run the correct hooks on resume.
> For the vast majority of systems this probably doesn't matter, but
> systems that want to POST video on return from S3 and not from
> hibernate (or vice versa) will have a nasty suprise in store.

I did wonder why it was disabled for swsusp.

So you want to be able to tell whether we only suspended to ram (ie 
didn't powerdown)? I should keep that in mind for the kernel code side 
of things.



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