[Pm-utils] [Patch] TuxOnIce pm/functions patch draft.

Nigel Cunningham nigel at nigel.suspend2.net
Sun Jan 27 18:34:24 PST 2008

Hi again.

Here is a draft patch for adding TuxOnIce support to the pm/defaults and 
pm/functions files. I'm calling it a draft because I want your feedback 
on whether it's the right sort of approach. I'm not really keen on 
adding a variable per sysfs entry, and so have only added the most 
frequently used ones in this iteration.

Victor, I'm not ignoring your comment about hybrid support. I'd just 
already written the lines when your email came, and thought it might 
never-the-less help to have on record how to do hybrid with TuxOnIce. 
(This is only an RFC anyway).


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