[Pm-utils] [Patch] TuxOnIce pm/functions patch draft.

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Sun Jan 27 23:07:00 PST 2008

On Mon January 28 2008, Nigel Cunningham wrote:

> Here is a draft patch for adding TuxOnIce support to the pm/defaults and
> pm/functions files. I'm calling it a draft because I want your feedback
> on whether it's the right sort of approach. I'm not really keen on
> adding a variable per sysfs entry, and so have only added the most
> frequently used ones in this iteration.

How about we use a function that is called when TuxOnIce is used to change the 
config? E.g. /etc/config.d/tuxonice.conf would contain something like:

tuxonice_config() {
# enable userui
echo "1" > /sys/power/tuxonice/userui_interface/enabled

# compression algorithm, possible values are foo, bar...
echo "lzf" > /sys/power/tuxonice/compression/algorithm

And whenever TuxOnIce should be used to suspend, then it first calls 
tuxonice_config. This way you do not need all the variables and it is 
possible to configure everything pretty easy and maybe it is even possible to 
easily keep the TuxOnIce config in sync with this, because it is basically an 
example config only with a function header.

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