[Pm-utils] error in pm-utils under gentoo

Michael Biebl mbiebl at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 13:07:09 PST 2008

2008/1/30, Till Maas <opensource at till.name>:
> On Wed January 30 2008, Victor Lowther wrote:
> > 01grub can disappear (if anyone complains, tell them that what they
> > are doing should be handled in an initrd).
> How can this be done? The way I understand the code, it tries to make sure
> that after an hibernate, the default kernel in grub is the one used to
> hibernate and not another kernel that happens to be the default kernel in
> grub. Anything in an initrd sounds to me to be too late. Or is it possible to
> switch from an initrd to another one and another kernel?

I think this hook makes a lot of sense and I rather keep it. What we
should do though, is to make it work without a distribution specific
program (if that is possible).
Imho we also should add a few more safety checks there (e.g. abort the
hibernation if the currently running kernel is no longer available
because it has been uninstalled...)

> > 65alsa should be provided by an alsa package (if alsa refuses to have
> > their drivers to The Right Thing and save mixer/layout settings across
> > a suspend/resume).
> > How about a DodgyHacks category on the pm-utils wiki, or a seperate
> > pm-utils-dodgy-hacks project to temporarily host hooks of that type?
> > That way pm-utils can focus on the core hook-running infrastructure
> > instead of maintaining the hooks themselves.
> What about the remaining hooks, they afaics work around other bugs, too. E.g.
> unloading a kernel module before suspend indicates always a bug in the module
> and the cpufreq stuff should also be handled directly by the kernel. I also
> cannot see why 55battery is needed, e.g. on systems that do not have a
> battery or why this is also no workaround. In the end, it seems that only zzz
> is the only needed hook in pm-utils, because it only does suspend/hibernate.
> Maybe someone can explain why 00clear is needed.

You certainly have a point here. E.g. the NetworkManager specific hook
could probably be moved into the NetworkManager package (and maybe
thats the right way long term, i.e. ship package specific workarounds
in the corresponding package).

OTOH, I don't see, which package we could move the cpufreq or video stuff into.


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