[Pm-utils] Basic powersave hooks

Stefan Seyfried seife at suse.de
Tue Jul 1 05:35:53 PDT 2008

Victor Lowther wrote:
> After getting annoyed at fedora's lack of support for laptop-mode, I
> coded up a rudimentary set of hooks to enable/disable laptop mode,
> perform the VM and FS tweaking needed to make laptop mode effective, and
> enable/disable write caching and hard drive spindown.
> The hooks (available in the powersave-hooks branch of the main fd.o git
> repository[1]) are quite rudimentary and have hardcoded everything, but
> should make a nice starting point for further hacking.
> Other useful hooks, tweaks/fixes/complete rewrites, etc. welcome!

I was actually in the same situation. I did, however, not want to reinvent the
wheel again, so i just packaged up laptop-mode-tools for openSUSE. I disabled
some of its features (cpu frequency control? Does not belong there! ;-) and
adopted it slightly, so that it can be called from a pm-utils hook like that:
(sources and patches are in the src.rpm at
# integrate laptop-mode into pm-utils hook infrastructure
. /usr/lib/pm-utils/functions
case "$1" in
                echo "** start laptop-mode"
                laptop_mode start
                echo "** stop laptop-mode"
                laptop_mode stop

It will only do anything if it is enabled with "/etc/init.d/laptop-mode start"
so it can still be easily disabled with chkconfig and friends.

I think leveraging the existing tool and documentation is in this case more
efficient than implementing it again.

Have fun,

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