[Pm-utils] pm-utils 1.2 development, pm-utils 1.1 maintenance

Victor Lowther victor.lowther at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 20:55:54 PDT 2008

So, the next features I want to get added to pm-utils are fairly
disruptive ones:

* Make hook failure skip suspend/resume, and do so in a way that is
least likely to cause random breakage.

* Resequence the sleep.d hooks according to:

00 - 49: user and (most) package supplied hooks that can assume that all
of the usual services and userspace infrastructure is still running.

50 - 74: service-handling hooks (mainly stopping and starting services,
saving any state they may need, etc)

75 - 89: module and non-core hardware handling (usb, audio, network,

90 - 99: reserved for critical pre-suspend hooks, starting with 90chvt
and 90modules and ending with 99video

At or before 50, you can assume that all services are still enabled.

At or before 75, you can assume that all modules are still loaded.

Accordingly, I am going to go ahead and branch off the pm-utils 1.1
series as a separate branch on the fd.o master repository.  Continuing
maintenance of the 1.1 series will happen on that branch, while the more
disruptive changes will happen on master.

ETA for this change is Friday, June 6.


Victor Lowther
Ubuntu Certified Professional

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