[Pm-utils] Question about hooks and suspend-hybrid.

Stefan Seyfried seife at suse.de
Thu Jun 26 05:02:14 PDT 2008


I'm right now implementing suspend-hybrid for the original pm-utils, and was
wondering, how the handling in the hooks is supposed to be (i want my version
to be compatible with Victor's).

- there is only one hook (01grub) that even takes the suspend_hybrid parameter
- there i no resume_hybrid at all
- the hook-running code does never pass the suspend_hybrid parameter to any code.

So how is this supposed to work? Reading the HOWTO.hooks also did not provide
any clues.

Actually looking at src/pm-action.in it seems that for suspend_hybrid, also
plain "suspend" and "resume" actions are given to the hooks, but this is of
course not entirely correct, and it is contrary to the documentation in

Might i suggest we use a "suspend_hybrid"/"resume_hybrid"-combination for
telling the hooks what to do?


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