[Pm-utils] Stale lock file causing abort

Robby Workman rw at rlworkman.net
Tue Nov 4 19:55:17 PST 2008

I've gotten a report of pm-utils failing to work suddenly working
successfully in the past, and through use of PM_DEBUG, I've traced it
to the presence of a stale /var/run/pm-utils/locks/pm-suspend.lock
being present.  Looking at /usr/lib/pm-utils/functions, I don't see
anything obviously wrong with locking functions, and of course it
wouldn't be prudent to trap abnormal exits with lock removal, as that
would paper over what's likely a real problem somewhere.  

Unfortunately, neither I nor the reporter have been able to reproduce
it since that one instance, so I'm at a loss on how to further
troubleshoot this.  Has anyone else had this happen, and if so, did you
figure out what was causing it?  

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