[Pm-utils] Cutting down on unnecessary hooks

Danny Kukawka dkukawka at suse.de
Wed Nov 26 12:31:04 PST 2008

On Mittwoch, 26. November 2008, Dan Nicholson wrote:
> 55battery: Make HAL rescan the batteries on resume.
> Shouldn't gnome-power-manager (or whatever HAL using policy agent) be
> the one to tell HAL to do this? And since we're not doing anything
> with the reply, why do we need to specify a timeout?

At least this one is complete useless since HAL already do the rescan on it's 
own after each suspend which was called via the HAL interface (check e.g. 

> 65alsa: Store/restore the driver state.
> The comment here even says that newer ALSA doesn't need this. Can we
> bail out on newer kernels? Or drop it completely since these bugs
> should be fixed if they exist?

Since pm-utils isn't for a special kernel version, you shouldn't remove it 

> 94cpufreq: Sets the cpufreq governor to performance for suspending if
> available. I don't know why this would need to be done at all. If there are
> bugs suspending under certain governors, those bugs should be fixed. At the
> very least, I think TEMPORARY_CPUFREQ_GOVERNOR should be unset by
> default and the hook should bail out in that case. This should only
> ever be a temporary workaround like SUSPEND_MODULES.

It's maybe useful to set governor from e.g. powersave to performance to speed 
up the suspend/resume. Especially suspend2disk ...  

> 95led: Blink the suspend LED on IBM.
> It would be cool if thinkpad_acpi did this on its own, but I do
> appreciate the blinking on my thinkpad.

I guess this hits only IBM/Lenovo and I guess this cost no significant time.

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