[Pm-utils] pm-utils hook to restore harddisk APM settings

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Wed Feb 24 09:41:43 PST 2010


today I realised that a hook in Fedora that was not meant to exist that
long is already there for two years. It restores the harddisk APM
settings on thaw/resume:


Since I was made aware that Arch Linux also proposes a less universal
hook[0], I want to ask, whether this hook should be included in upstream
pm-utils. It only runs when there is hdparm executable and probably does
nothing if hal is not available.

If I still have commit access, I will properly include it in the SCM,
otherwise I will prepare patches, if it is ok to include it.


[0] http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pm-utils#Having_the_hd_power_management_level_automatically_set_again_on_resume
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