[Pm-utils] Reboot during/after resume (pm-suspend)

Christian Ruppert idl0r at qasl.de
Tue Feb 1 15:29:04 PST 2011

Hey guys,

I have some trouble with pm-suspend...
If I do pm-suspend without module unload it works fine. If I do
pm-suspend with module unload it leads into a reboot during resume.. the
same happens (sometimes) if I add a test hook which just does "logger
'test'" during suspend/resume.

It's difficult for me to figure out why and where the reboot is caused.
I also tried it over serial console but no luck.. at least for me no
useful data.

I'm currently running 2.6.38-rc3 and I also tried .37 as well as .38-rc1/2.

Do you guys have any idea how I can figure out why it reboots at all?
There is no watchdog enabled or so..

No idea if that matters but it's an AMD Athlon II X2 245e with C1E
support enabled. The bios is up2date. pm-utils 1.4.1.

Christian Ruppert

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