[Pm-utils] Laptop with multiple batteries

E.S. Rosenberg esr+pmutils at g.jct.ac.il
Sun Nov 6 10:43:19 PST 2011

Hi all,
First off thanks for the great work.
Second I have a slightly annoying problem that I have been trying to
solve but so far to no avail.

My laptop has the option of having a second battery present, but I
don't have this second battery so it always reads as 0% as far as acpi
is concerned.
When I wake my system up from standby sometimes it will 'read' the
wrong batteries' status and say "golle gee I'm about to die! Let's
quickly hibernate."

I would like to somehow be able to interrupt this unnecessary
hibernate (something along the lines of shutdown -c but for
pm-hibernate), but so far I have not found how I can interrupt/cancel
the call to pm-hibernate.

Is there any mechanism at the moment, or a process I can kill?


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