[Pm-utils] Disabling hibernation; determining what is requesting hibernation (workarounds for broken squeeze hibernation with backports kernels)

Thomas Shanks reportbug at tshanks.org
Wed Sep 21 19:52:13 PDT 2011

pm-utils Maintainers-

On my system, resumption from hibernation does not work.  (See debian
backports mailing list thread here
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.backports.general/7759 .)

I have configured the gnome power management settings for each user
account to suspend rather than hibernating for both low battery (which
certainly wasn't the cause this last time) and for idle.

Whether logged into gnome with these accounts or not, I am still
getting idle timeout hibernations.  This loses all my unsaved

How do I disable pm-utils hibernation completely?

How do I find out what's requesting hibernation?
I am not seeing this information with debugging enabled as described
in the wheezy section on http://wiki.debian.org/Suspend (there is no
Squeeze section!).  Should I assume the wheezy section suggestions do
not work for squeeze?

And can you perhaps help with the original cause (broken resumption
from hibernation on 2010 Core i# Arrandale systems on squeeze with
either backports kernel)?

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