Creating a polkit authentication agent

Tobias Arrskog topfs2 at
Sat Sep 28 07:02:22 PDT 2013

HI, I'm one of the developers of xbmc and am looking for some helping at
creating a polkit authentication agent.

We wish to do this on systems were we are the only session available on the
computer (e.g. htpc environments) or when the user has simply used our
desktop session.

We are currently trying to expand our addon system to handle binary addons
and wish to do so using the distros own repositories. So we will most
likely be using packagekit as a means to abstract the repository and
package install handling.

So now to the questions I'm having :)

What I'm trying to do is register a polkit authentication agent in a python
script, through the dbus api. I have attached, a rather simplistic, first
start of this. From what I can read out of the logs it seems to register
alright but nothing is relayed to it for authentication.

First question is that it seems like RegisterAuthenticationAgent takes a
few different subject kinds. unix-process and unix-session. What is the
difference between these and what should I be using?

When registering I submit my object path, which is '/org/xbmc/polkit' but
what is the destination for this object? I'm using 'org.xbmc.polkit' for my
service, but how does polkit knows this? Could this be why its not called
to authenticate even if register went through alright?

Thankful for any help regarding these matters!

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