[PATCH v3 0/4] Pull polkit forward to mozjs24

Jeremy Linton jeremy.linton at arm.com
Fri Aug 26 19:01:45 UTC 2016

Polkit is out of date with respect to supported versions of mozjs. These
patches start moving polkit forward again. Right now they are just to
mozjs24 which is one of the first C++ only JSAPI versions of spidermonkey
and is a good starting point for evolving polkit. Moving it forward to 38 or
45 involves further effort.

  Seems v2 got eaten by the mail system, which is just as well as there
    were some small formatting/etc issues with it.
  Fix tab->space issues in patch 3
  Add additional patch to replace the autocompartment declartions.

  Removed #ifdefs that continued to allow polkit to build with mozjs17/185

Jeremy Linton (4):
  change mozjs interface module to c++
  Cleanup configure and add support for mozjs24
  Fix warnings caused by building with C++
  Replace autocompartment

 configure.ac                                       |  17 +-
 src/polkitbackend/Makefile.am                      |   7 +-
 ...djsauthority.c => polkitbackendjsauthority.cpp} | 203 +++++++++------------
 test/polkitbackend/Makefile.am                     |   3 +
 4 files changed, 102 insertions(+), 128 deletions(-)
 rename src/polkitbackend/{polkitbackendjsauthority.c => polkitbackendjsauthority.cpp} (93%)


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