[PATCH] Move polkit to mozjs38

Jeremy Linton jeremy.linton at arm.com
Tue Apr 4 19:30:58 UTC 2017


On 04/04/2017 02:02 PM, Miloslav Trmac wrote:
> 2017-03-29 21:49 GMT+02:00 Jeremy Linton <jeremy.linton at arm.com
> <mailto:jeremy.linton at arm.com>>:
>     Update polkit to use a more recent version of the mozjs library.
> Thanks. I’m afraid I haven’t had time to review in detail yet, for now
> just noting that polkit with this patch is immediately in Fedora:
> b .

Yah, ouch, I was told about this earlier. Basically I (somewhat 
accidentally) converted polkit to use a filesystem loaded init.js rather 
than the one statically built into the binary. Of course init.js isn't 
being shipped in fedora, but it was in my path.

I just posted another patch which reverts to the previous behavior of 
using initjs.h rather than init.js.

But, it took a few hours to track down what is going on with mock/koji 
because independent of this patch, it suddenly cannot build polkit 
(that's likely an issue with systemd/cgroups/autogen.sh/spec behavior). 
The workaround/fix is fairly trivial there too.

> On Fedora 24 x86_64, I similarly see immediate failures:
>     $ make check
>>     …/polkit/test-driver: řádek 107:  5827 Trace/breakpoint trap   (core
>     dumped) "$@" > $log_file 2>&1
>     FAIL: polkitbackendjsauthoritytest
> or
>     $ sudo build/src/polkitbackend/polkitd
>     Successfully changed to user polkitd
>     20:58:16.881: <no filename>:0: can't open init.js: No such file or
>     directory
>     ** (lt-polkitd:5996): CRITICAL **: Error initializing JavaScript
>     environment
>     **
>     ERROR:…/polkit/src/polkitbackend/polkitbackendjsauthority.cpp:530:void
>     polkit_backend_js_authority_constructed(GObject*): code should not
>     be reached
>     Aborted
>     Mirek

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